Van Gelder buys hydrogen-powered excavators

Construction company van Gelder, certified at level 5 on the CO2 Performance Ladder, reports that it is about to order two earth-moving machines from the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai. The innovative construction machines operate emission-free and run on hydrogen instead of diesel.

Delivery in 2023

According to Van der Spek, importer of the excavators, Van Gelder has a first for hydrogen construction equipment with this purchase. Van Gelder is expected to be able to deploy the machines in 2023. “Sustainability does not have to compete with time, quality and money, but rather contributes positively,” says Leendert Ripping, director at Van Gelder. "This is a major step forward for us, our clients and working 'cleaner' in the public space in which we live and work every day."

Leading the way

With the purchase, Van Gelder wants to underline that it continues to invest in sustainable equipment. Last year, almost five million euros was already invested in an electric fleet and tools. A good example of this is the eco-digger. This Huyundai electrically powered mini digger is fully deployed on the Betondorp project in Amsterdam. But according to Ripping, it is also the goal to make the construction site increasingly sustainable through innovative applications. "Van Gelder sees it as its task to lead the market as a leading innovative contractor," he says. “We want to strengthen our position towards the future through sustainable investments, such as the earth-moving machines on hydrogen.”