Network Procurement CO2 Performance Ladder has started


Network Procurement CO2 Performance Ladder has started

The first event of the Network Procurement CO2 Performance Ladder took place on Thursday 22 June. The recently launched Network was created to allow contracting authorities to make more impact when it comes to CO2 reduction. "More impact through collaboration," said Monique Bollen, the network's leading figure.

Valuable connections

Monique says that certified organizations have so far been more visible to SKAO than organizations that use the Ladder as a tender tool. "While there are a lot of them. And it can be extremely valuable to have more contact with them.” The idea of the Network is that contracting authorities learn from each other and inspire each other about the possibilities of using the Ladder as a procurement tool. Monique: 'We have already brought people into direct contact with each other. Thanks to the Network, not everyone has to invent the wheel themselves. This improves the quality of tendering with the Ladder and inspires people to use the Ladder in all kinds of tenders: the CO2 Performance Ladder is extremely versatile.'

Digital or physical meeting

The first meeting was organized online because of the corona measures. "I initially had mixed feelings about this, but I am very satisfied with the result," says Monique. She explains that there was a lot of interaction, not only during the meeting but also afterwards. And that despite the meeting being digital. She also does not exclude digital meetings in the future. 'It does have its advantages in terms of (travel) time. We will look at each time what the purpose of the meeting is, to determine whether we will organize it digitally or physically. "

For less to more experienced tenderers

The Network Meeting of June 22 had a well-filled program, with attention for different levels of experience when it comes to tendering with the CO2 Performance Ladder. These included the most important changes for contracting authorities in Handbook 3.1, an experience story about tendering with the Ladder, and information about climate-oriented procurement for advanced users. The Network Procurement CO2 Performance Ladder is therefore intended for all contracting authorities: from completely new with the Ladder to now seasoned. Monique: "We want to tailor our offer to the different needs."

Is the Network looking for more members?

Monique: "The broader the Procurement Network is, the more experience and knowledge can be shared and obtained and the better we can deliver custom work." Members can expect a recurring newsletter with articles relevant to them, in-company on-demand training and training courses for which you can register, a LinkedIn group with the other members, and inspiring procurement stories from members will be given priority on the SKAO site. Monique: 'We really want people to be inspired by colleagues who are also involved in climate-friendly procurement.'

Everyone involved in tendering with the CO2 Performance Ladder is invited to join the Network Procurement CO2 Performance Ladder. This is free for organizations that are themselves certified on the Ladder, other organizations pay a contribution. Read more about the conditions or go directly to the registration form. Note: trainings and events will be in Dutch.